Samarkand – 27 April 2015

We awoke to yet another beautiful day in Uzbekistan – the weather was stunning for 99% of the trip, with only 1 day of rain I was a very happy bunny!! Which was good as today was an action packed day visiting 6 more sights of Samarkand! After breakfast we hopped back onto the bus and drove over to the Afrosiyab museum in the older area of Samarkand. Afrosiyab is the site of the ancient city of Samarkand, it was… View Post

Shakrisabz – 26th April 2015

We awoke to a nice sunny day ready for a 3 hour drive to Shakrisabz – Timur’s summer palace. We sped past fields of poppies – they really were everywhere, beautiful row upon row of poppies. Around half way there we turned into a small country road and pulled up on a grass verge. Surrounded by fields and small farmhouses it was idyllic. The sun was beating down and a very smiley Uzbek man met us and ushered up a… View Post

Tashkent to Samarkand – 25th April 2015

We all awoke at the crack of dawn to get ready to depart at 6:30am for our train to Samarkand. The weather had closed in bringing rain and wind. Wonderful. We all packed on to the bus and made our way to the station. Uzbekistan loves its security xray machines and almost everywhere we went our bags were scanned. The station was fairly quiet as far as English train stations go and there weren’t rows of people standing far too… View Post

Thought for the day

Tashkent, Uzbekistan – 24th April 2015

We arrived! We rested (this was very much needed) and then were ready to go. Alongside Amelia we had a local guide Tanya for the day. After lunch we headed out to our first site of the trip. Museum of Applied Arts, pulling up alongside a quite an unassuming building we entered a lovely courtyard with an oak tree providing the only shade. The exhibits of suzani and jewellery led us round and museum and gave a small taste of… View Post