A Day Trip to Santa Clara

Santa Clara is located in almost the centre of Cuba in the province of Villa Clara. It was founded in 1689 but is perhaps most well known for its part in the Che Guevara story. Santa Clara is home to the last battle of the Revolution in 1958, two groups of guerilla fighters attached the city to gain control. One group was led by Camilo Cienfuegos and the other by Che Guevara. They first gained control of the Formeto garrison… View Post

A night at the Fábrica de Arte Cubano

Our last day in Havana was pretty action packed but we wanted to make the most of our last evening before moving into the country. After a brief rest (read nap) we got ready and flagged down a taxi collectivo to take us to a restaurant for some dinner and drinks before seeing what all the fuss was about at the FAC. The taxi ride was entertaining trying to give directions to someone who obviously couldn’t really understand what we… View Post

Thought of the day

Our final morning – Tashkent 4th May 2015

Today was our last day in Uzbekistan, despite being pretty tired and homesick for my own bed I wasn’t looking forward to leaving this wonderful country. I felt like we had seen and done so much but there was still so much left to discover – I could have done with another couple of weeks!!! We had one final morning in Tashkent before we departed for the airport and home. Our first stop was a trip onto the metro system… View Post