Bukhara Take Two – 30th April 2015

Day Two in Bukhara, the sun was out again and it was fast becoming our favourite city in Uzbekistan. After a quick breakfast and a coffee (and some attempts to connect to WIFI) we headed off to our first site of the day. The Chor Minor or Four Minarets was a gatehouse to a Madrassah, it was built in the 19th Century and nothing but the gatehouse remains. It was an intriguing site as it was so different to what… View Post

Bukhara and the Carpet Shop – 29th April 2015

Today was our first real day in Bukhara and we were both excited to see what it offered. We knew we had a fairly packed day ahead and a promise of a wonderful carpet shop! Our first point of call was the Ismael Samani Mausoleum which was centred in a large park. To be fair the park was very pretty but did look a tad tired and had remnants of its Russian rule in the shape of a Ferris wheel… View Post