Beijing Night Market

After our action packed day in Beijing we went to meet a family friend for dinner. Stuart hadn’t seen him for 7 or so years after he came on a sort of exchange trip from the UK so we were looking forward to it. We headed to a well known Peking duck restaurant (I believe it was Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant.) We were treated to a wonderful dinner of duck, vegetables, more duck and some chilli beef. The meal was… View Post

Beijing – Day 2

Catch up with the previous post – Beijing – Day 1 Firstly let me apologise for the huge delay between the last post and this one. It’s been a pretty manic since we came back from China. I was adjusting to a slightly different job role and the run up to Christmas. I just didn’t get the time to sit down and finish off the posts. But, here we go for Beijing day 2! I will start by saying this… View Post

Beijing – Day 1

After our short stay in Shanghai it was time to move on for our next adventure. We had an early start (6:30am!) before taking a taxi to the train station to catch the 8am high speed train to Beijing. Our experiences of trains in China were pretty good overall and I was amazed by their efficiency. We queued for a short while before joining the madness that is Chinese queuing to make our way down to the platform. We found… View Post