2017 Review – What a year it was!


We did a lot in 2017 and boy can I feel it now. It’s probably the first year I haven’t got frustrated about where we are going next or have time for the wanderlust bug to really hit as there was always something around the corner. Which I appreciate makes us very very lucky!! I’ve still got some content to come around our amazing safari in Tanzania as well! 

It’s been hard to narrow down our favourites of this year but after much deliberation I’ve managed it!

2017 Top Experiences:


Seeing Northern Lights – This was one of the most spectacular things we did this year, the aurora is incredible. We prayed and hoped that we would get to witness them, especially after our failed attempt in Iceland. Standing out in the cold was well worth it!


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2016 Review and looking forward

2016 has been a funny year, filled with ups and downs – mainly ups might I add. It also was the year I started to try and get to grips with Instagram. Anyway, I saw a hashtag for #2016bestnine i.e. pictures of your top 9 things of the year.

As it does tie in so well with this blog I thought I would share here too. The pictures aren’t in any kind of order.

2016 Top 9:

  1. River Cottage Experience – a full day experience at one of our favourite places, cooking bread, pasta, biscuits, learning about the gardens and getting to eat a wonderful meal. A bucket list item ticked off!
  2. Iceland – waterfalls – Iceland in general was amazing with its crazy landscape and even crazier weather. My favourite thing about the country was the amazing waterfalls! Even if I did end up with a wet shoe!
  3. Scotland – technology detox – I didn’t post about our time in Scotland (not yet anyway) as most of the time we spent without access to signal or wifi and just enjoyed each others company! Highly recommend!
  4. Scotland – walks and learning to love the countryside – Our year of getting back to nature was kicked off with the amazing Scottish Highlands
  5. Spirit Island – Canada – point’s 5 and 6 are bundled together really in a fantastic road trip to a fantastic part of Canada. Bears, hot springs, lakes and so much more!
  6. Whistler Mountain – Canada – as above!
  7. Christmas Selfie with the husband
  8. West Witterings beach at sunset
  9. Preserving – another one of my hobbies, helped along by point 1!


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2015 Review (extremely late!!)

Post written back in April and never published until now!!!! 

So this is very late and I intended on getting it out in January but it’s been a bit manic so it gradually got later and later until all of a sudden it was April!

It may seem a bit pointless to review something so long ago but it was such a fantastic year and the turning point in my life with regards to prioritising travel. Holidays and adventures had always been a part of our life but our trip to Uzbekistan changed it all (and encouraged me to start this blog!)

A doubly landlocked country in Central Asia that most people would struggle to locate on a map. I had previously had my reservations mainly due to lack of knowledge about the area but a bit of research and endless hours on the internet I began to see its charm. Now, there isn’t THAT much content on the web about Uzbekistan or Central Asia in general so it did take me a long time to come around to the idea.

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Looking forward to 2016

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I have finally caught up with my posts from our amazing trips in 2015 – from Uzbekistan to Budapest and China. I will be doing a recap post of the whole year with my highs and lows but thought I would start with what we are planning to do this year. (Eeekkk)

My new year’s resolution for 2015 was to do more things – which I certainly achieved from Gin Festivals to camping trips. For 2016 its again to do more things…but this time outside!! So a year full of the great outdoors and some awesome nature.

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