Icefields and Helicopters

Our time in Banff National Park was over but only because we were heading back up the road to Jasper National Park for 4 days before heading back to Vancouver. We had an early start as had some ground to cover before our anniversary treat of a helicopter ride!! Part of the reason for the early start was because I really wanted to take a trip to Peyto Lake. I knew it would be brief and we wouldn’t be able… View Post

Johnston Canyon and Lake Minnewanka

Day 5 in the national parks of Western Canada led us to Johnston Canyon and Lake Minnewanka. We were staying at the Johnston Canyon campsite which gave us direct access to the canyon so no need to jump in the van which was nice. We headed off in what we were sure was the correct direction only to discover 5 minutes later it wasn’t. Never trust a campsite map. The canyon is made up of two sections, Lower Falls which… View Post

A day in Banff Town

We had already had a pretty amazing trip and we were still only a few days in. I remember feeling like it was going so slowly and was lasting forever which is exactly what you want from a trip. Normally they whizz by so fast you don’t get a chance to breathe. Our trip to Lake Louise had left us pretty exhausted so the next day was a little more on the relaxed side. We had a lazy morning and… View Post

Lake Louise & The Plain of Six Glaciers

Two Lakes and One Long Hike – Lake Louise & The Plain of Six Glaciers Lake Louise is renowned for its turquoise blue waters and is photographed more than any other natural feature in the Canadian Rockies (in my opinion anyway). Needless to say we were pretty excited to get there. We had also decided that we wanted to undertake a pretty intense hike to one of the two teahouses. The options were Lake Agnes and the Plain of 6… View Post

White Water Rafting with Wild Water, Golden BC

We stayed at a cute campground on our first night on the road, after driving for 6 or so hours we pretty much set up camp, ate some food (and realised the limitations of a basic kitchen set) and got some much needed sleep. When we woke the next day the weather was lovely and we hit the road heading for Golden, BC for our first attempt at white water rafting!!! We chose Wild Water as the offered a great… View Post