A look back on 2018

2018 has been fantastic, we have travelled a lot and made the most of the time we have off. We’ve had some fantastic experiences, ticked off some bucket list items and laughed almost every day. Of course there has been a lot of time that we’ve spent sat behind a desk or doing laundry but I suppose those moments help give clarity on the moments that really matter. 2018 Top Experiences: Each year just keeps getting better and better! Check… View Post

The other side of Cuba – Varadero

Cuba is overwhelming, it is a culture shock for those of us who live in the UK, they speak a foreign language and the weather in warm. All in all after 2 weeks of on the go travel we knew we would need a rest. We went to an all inclusive resort in Mexico for our honeymoon so thought we would give it another go. Varadero is renowned for being the all inclusive centre of Cuba. It’s not far from… View Post

Trinidad stole my heart – what to eat & drink

As I mentioned in post about what to do while you’re in Trinidad, it stole my heart. I still think about spending time there now and it was 100% my favourite place in Cuba. So, you know how to spend your time there but what to do when you fancy stopping for some food and drink? Small disclaimer – I am rubbish at taking photos food and drink and I am not a food blogger so you’ll have to take… View Post

Trinidad Stole My Heart – What To Do While You’re There

Part of Trinidad’s charm is that it’s a small city that has plenty of roads to wander, parks to sit in and architecture to admire. It also has its fair share of museums and things to do but if I’m honest my favourite thing was just sitting and watching the world go by. I feel head over heels for Trinidad. We spent a good few days here so got to know it’s streets and it’s quirks more than the other… View Post

Thought of the day

I have to remember that comfort zones are there to be stood outside of. Becoming braver has enabled me to see the world. I still panic, I still have anxiety and at least one meltdown per trip BUT without that I wouldn’t feel the highs.