Introducing the Loxton HQ

Life has changed somewhat in the last 18 months, as it has for pretty much everyone. With our freedoms to travel restricted due to that pesky Covid-19 we found ourselves looking inward and considering if our HQ, our home, was what and where we wanted it to be. Long story short, no it wasn’t and we quickly decided we want to make a change. Both our hearts lie in the small city of Chichester on the south coast of the… View Post

Welcome to 2021 with The Loxton’s!

Hello? Are you still there? We are still here although wiping the dust of this blog and figuring out a new way forward. As everyone knows 2020 threw a curve ball and to be honest since the middle of 2019 it’s all been a bit full on over here with the Loxton’s. Do you like our new name? We’re trying it out. Travel is and will always be important to us but it’s not all of us. The plan is… View Post