Tanzania 2017

We have returned from our 7 day safari in the northern circuit of Tanzania! Hence the radio silence over the last few weeks – it’s been a bit manic!

I’m currently shifting through the thousands of photo’s we took and experiences we had to create some posts (also still have content on our short stay in the French alps and the Stuttgart Wasen). We were extremely lucky and saw everything we wanted too plus more!

Stay tuned!!!

How to maximise your time off!

How to maximise your time off (2)

Part of what I am proud of is that we manage to hold down 2 full time jobs, run a household, look after 2 house rabbits and travel as much as we do. Yes, we don’t currently have any children so it is a little bit easier but it does take some pre-planning.

Come January my first job is to sort out what time off we want in the following 12 months to get the most out of our days. In the UK we have a statutory minimum of 20 days, if you’re lucky you get bank holidays on top of this and if you’re even luckier you will get more than the minimum.  I understand that some jobs come with a requirement for holidays to be at certain times which can make it a little tricker but it’s all about making travel the priority.

If you really want to travel put it at the top of your list.

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Radio silent

Been a bit quiet round here again. Probably due to my lack of get up and go in the winter months but I hope to be up to date with all our adventures by the end of the year!!
Still got an awesome trip to Berlin coming up in 12 days time!!!!! 

Itchy feet

It’s been a few months since our last getaway and I’ve got itchy feet today! Someone send me a ticket to somewhere new!

Still 58 days till we are in Scotland for a week!

Check back soon for an update on what’s
happening this year!

Small delay

Hi all.

We are still here and I promise I will get up some more posts about China it’s just been very busy getting back into work and in the run up to Christmas. So please bare with me I will get there!

Anyone been up to anything interesting recently?

Happy Travelling.