New Forest – June 2015

A quick break from our Uzbekistan series for a very short run down of a switched off weekend away.   When you spend 5 of the 7 days of the week at work and spend your spare time planning your next exciting adventure you can burn out pretty quickly. With our two year wedding anniversary looming we decided a switched off weekend was needed. Living in West Sussex, UK we are located very close to some wonderful National parks, the… View Post

Portsmouth Dockyards – May 2015

Bank holiday Mondays were invented for day trips! Well in our house they were anyway. They are a good British excuse to visit somewhere or if the weather holds out stick the BBQ on. As the weather wasn’t looking amazing we opted for the former. Having previously bought some tickets on Groupon the trip was much more affordable. A full price ticket for an adult to the Historic Dockyard is £32.00!!! A little steep in my opinion especially if you… View Post