Sweden Day 5 – Trains, Snow Suits and Northern Lights

As our tour was a Great Rail Journey it was about time we boarded another (and our final) train taking us from Kiruna even further north to Bjorkliden. A fairly leisurely morning we made it to the station about 20 minutes before the train was due to leave however it was unfortunately delayed. By an hour. As mainland European trains go it was unusual for it to be late and we were informed it didn’t happen often. Which in some… View Post

Sweden Day 3 – Trains, Cabins and Coffee Cheese

Our next day in Sweden began with what became an almost constant, beautiful light, a big positive for the short daylight hours at this time of year. When there is light is wonderful. Today was our first train ride of the trip taking us from Lulea to Kiruna. Kiruna is the biggest town in the Lapland area and is essentially a mining town as it’s home to one of the biggest iron ore mines in Europe. The interesting thing about… View Post

Sweden Day 2 – Ice Breakers, Survival Suits and Church Towns

After travelling today was our first real day in Sweden was filled with excitement, not knowing how cold it was going to be and with the prospect of sailing out into a frozen sea. After breakfast (nothing to write home about, just your typical European mix of fruit, meat, cheese, yogurt and cooked eggs) we layered up and headed out on the bus. After a short drive to Piteå we glimpsed the first site of the Piteålven River which is… View Post

Sweden Day 1 – London to Luleå

Forward apology for lack of pictures on this post – I must get better at documenting the journey and not just the destination! Most people would consider it a little crazy odd to opt to go on holiday with their in laws but when my Mother in Law suggested a trip to Swedish Lapland for her birthday I found myself agreeing and booking pretty quickly. As a group of 6 (joined by some family friends) I didn’t feel too daunted… View Post

Sweden 2017!

So we are back from our week long trip to Swedish Lapland and it was amazing! As someone who has never been anywhere with any amount of snow before it was a little overwhelming being near so much of the fluffy white stuff!! We were treated not only to the snow but also the NORTHERN LIGHTS!!! Not on just 1 day but 4 days!!! There aren’t really any words to explain how thankful I was to actually see them and… View Post