Only 3 days, 9 hours, 57 minutes & 27 seconds until we head off to Iceland for a long weekend! Waterfalls, hot springs, epic scenery and birthday celebrations. Bliss!

Bucket List Item – River Cottage Experience

Imagine our delight when we opened our Christmas gift from one of my sister-in-laws to find a River Cottage card and a gift card enclosed. Bucket list item for a few years – now we had the perfect excuse to get one booked! So we did just that, signed up for a one day course for the beginning of May. After much discussion we decided on the River Cottage Experience day. It gave us a bit of everything, cookery, animals,… View Post

2015 Review (extremely late!!)

Post written back in April and never published until now!!!!  So this is very late and I intended on getting it out in January but it’s been a bit manic so it gradually got later and later until all of a sudden it was April! It may seem a bit pointless to review something so long ago but it was such a fantastic year and the turning point in my life with regards to prioritising travel. Holidays and adventures had… View Post

Scotland – a digital detox

Scotland. The highlands. Loch Ness monster. Ben Nevis. Whisky. Haggis. As you can probably tell our most recent trip was to a beautiful area in the Scottish highlands. The internet is filled with blogs about the beauty of Scotland and how everyone should visit, both those points are totally valid but not what I will focus on. Over the last couple of years we have been pretty full on with our travels (and the fact we have full time office… View Post

Beautiful Rainbow & Sunset over Chichester this evening

Sometimes the UK really is a wonderful place to be! We spend a lot of time thinking about getting away and thinking that holidays have to be abroad but there are some truly fabulous places right here.