Berlin – Sights of the City

For our short weekend in Berlin I decided to split the posts between Christmas Markets and sights of the city. So here is post number 2 with the more cultural elements of our trip (i.e. ones that didn’t involve Gluhwein!) Day 1 I’m not one for early mornings at all and especially not early morning flights so my preference is to fly the night before, arrive late and have a lie in as when you do get up you’re already… View Post

Berlin – Christmas Markets

With everything that happened in Berlin recently I did for a second think about holding off on posting about our weekend there at the beginning of December. But, then in the next breath I thought it was such a great city and we enjoyed our time there so much it would be a shame. So here we go!! We went primarily to visit the Christmas markets but as ever there were tons of other places we wanted to go as… View Post

Vik and those famous black sand beaches

Having spent a couple of awesome days in Reykjavik, the Golden Circle and Southern Iceland our last day in Iceland was mainly made up of driving from Vik back to the airport, which wasn’t really a hardship as the scenery was awesome which made it even more enjoyable. Vik has a small church on a hill above the town so we took a quick drive up to have a closer look. The sun was really low in the sky and the… View Post

Beyond the Golden Circle – highlights of South Iceland

We were up pretty early for us to take a quick last walk around the Geysir’s without the crowds. Being a free national site it’s open 24 hours day, there was only one other couple there taking pictures of Stokur. We wandered around and enjoyed the peacefulness, even managing to get a pretty good Geysir selfie! Our main stop for the morning was the Secret Lagoon. You may have noticed that so far we haven’t hit up the famous Blue… View Post

Independent Golden Circle Tour

Day 2 in Iceland was my 25th birthday! Luckily we didn’t have sore heads after the previous evening beer drinking so were up and ready to go. A little apprehensive as I had yet to really master driving a manual on the wrong side of the car but I was ready to give it a go! The car was great and I fell in love with the heated seats! Plus the heated windscreen made de-icing much easier. Anyway, we set… View Post