A fairy tale castle in the Latvian countryside

An adventure in a fairy tale castle in the town of Cesis, Latvia. … View Post

Exploring the Latvian Countryside

After a grey couple of days in Riga, we were ready for some sunshine and countryside. We were lucky to get both. After picking up our rental car, a rather snazzy black golf from Sixt, we ventured out into the Latvian countryside. Driving in Latvia, and Estonia to be honest, was a little like taking your life in your own hands. They all have relatively slow speed restrictions but very, very few people follow them. Add that to their main… View Post

Our 48 hours in Riga

Day 1  Riga surprised me as European cities go, mainly because I had heard so many conflicting opinions on whether it was a good place to go or not. Despite the rain and the cold, on the whole, we enjoyed our time there, enough to consider hopping back over the Baltic Sea in the future just for a weekend. Plus we discovered an excellent underground pub that is worth a trip on its own. Riga was the entry point to… View Post