2015 Review (extremely late!!)

Post written back in April and never published until now!!!! 

So this is very late and I intended on getting it out in January but it’s been a bit manic so it gradually got later and later until all of a sudden it was April!

It may seem a bit pointless to review something so long ago but it was such a fantastic year and the turning point in my life with regards to prioritising travel. Holidays and adventures had always been a part of our life but our trip to Uzbekistan changed it all (and encouraged me to start this blog!)

A doubly landlocked country in Central Asia that most people would struggle to locate on a map. I had previously had my reservations mainly due to lack of knowledge about the area but a bit of research and endless hours on the internet I began to see its charm. Now, there isn’t THAT much content on the web about Uzbekistan or Central Asia in general so it did take me a long time to come around to the idea.

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Budapest Part 2

Sorry about the delay been a manic week so have only just had time to sit and edit the photo’s! But here we go….

Catch up with Part 1!

After a quick breakfast of toast and jam in our apartment we headed out and made our way towards the Margaret Bridge and across the Danube to start our walk up Gellert Hill.

On the way...

On the way…

Stuart promised me that it would be a nice relaxing walk up a shaded path. I can’t say I agreed with him!

Elizabeth Bridge

Elizabeth Bridge

The walk up was lovely really and it was a shaded path but just a little more step than expected. We set off fairly early as the idea of walking up a hill in the midday heat was a bit too much for our liking and we were glad we did. We got to the top of the hill around midday so the views over the city were amazing.

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Budapest Part 1

Our first part of our Budapest weekend. Enjoy!

Budapest is hailed as the undiscovered city in Europe, somewhere which isn’t as popular as say Prague but still has the same history and quirks and interesting people. It is true to say it is an pearl of a place, its interesting streets and squares with architecture which could transport you anywhere round the world whilst having so much of its own charm.

Stuart’s family lived in the outskirts of Budapest for 3 years while he was growing up and for the last 9 years I have heard stories of this place so I was excited when we finally decided to visit.

We departed Chichester at 4pm for a mad dash to Heathrow Airport, there were some delays in the motorway which are almost inevitable but we made it with time to spare. After a quick beer and a burger we headed to the gate and departed at around 9pm.

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