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2015 Review (extremely late!!)

Post written back in April and never published until now!!!!  So this is very late and I intended on getting it out in January but it’s been a bit manic so it gradually got later and later until all of a sudden it was April! It may seem a bit pointless to review something so long ago but it was such a fantastic year and the turning point in my life with regards to prioritising travel. Holidays and adventures had… View Post

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Uzbekistan – My Final Thoughts

So this is the last post in my (current) Uzbekistan series. We had an amazing time and I wanted to share with you my Top 5 and some of my observations.  My top 5 sites are spread out over all the areas we visited. I have listed them below in no particular order but my favourite city was Bukhara by far as it was a lovely place to be with so much history and places to visit. If I had… View Post

Our final morning – Tashkent 4th May 2015

Today was our last day in Uzbekistan, despite being pretty tired and homesick for my own bed I wasn’t looking forward to leaving this wonderful country. I felt like we had seen and done so much but there was still so much left to discover – I could have done with another couple of weeks!!! We had one final morning in Tashkent before we departed for the airport and home. Our first stop was a trip onto the metro system… View Post