Today is the day!

So, today is the day we fly half way around the world to Shanghai in China. Something I have been waiting to do for about a year now so I am very excited! I was trying hard to get some posts up on what we are packing and taking with us but time has escaped me with work and packing etc so I apologise for that. Check back when we are home for a run down of what we took,… View Post

Looking Forward

Looking forward to China So a bit quiet on the travelling front a the moment, not much to fill in the time between now and the end of October so I thought I would give a quick run down of our plans for our 2 week trip. The trip to China came about after I travelled there on a college trip to Beijing, I feel in love with the atmosphere of the place, so different to anywhere I have been… View Post

Uzbekistan – My Final Thoughts

So this is the last post in my (current) Uzbekistan series. We had an amazing time and I wanted to share with you my Top 5 and some of my observations.  My top 5 sites are spread out over all the areas we visited. I have listed them below in no particular order but my favourite city was Bukhara by far as it was a lovely place to be with so much history and places to visit. If I had… View Post

Our final morning – Tashkent 4th May 2015

Today was our last day in Uzbekistan, despite being pretty tired and homesick for my own bed I wasn’t looking forward to leaving this wonderful country. I felt like we had seen and done so much but there was still so much left to discover – I could have done with another couple of weeks!!! We had one final morning in Tashkent before we departed for the airport and home. Our first stop was a trip onto the metro system… View Post

A Day in the Desert – 3rd May 2015

Sorry for the delay in posts we where chilling out in Budapest (posts to follow) – we are nearly at the end of our Uzbekistan adventure so stayed tuned for the final couple of posts!!!  Today was probably our favourite day of the whole trip. It was so far away from anything we have ever done before and we absolutely loved it! Today we took a trip out into the desert to visit some ancient Khala’s – desert fortresses. It… View Post