Experiencing Delhi

India is a huge country with a colourful history and colourful cities. It can be overwhelming and inspirational and challenging. For us India takes time to understand, 2 weeks is not enough and one part of the country doesn’t give you the whole picture. Our short snapshot of the state of Rajasthan began as it ended in Delhi.  We flew into India on 9th March 2019, at the time there was unrest in the areas close to the Pakistan border… View Post

India – A trip which has taken time to digest

We went to Rajasthan in India back in 2019, it was a wonderful experience but one that has taken some time to process. India is a difficult place with complicated social and historical challenges but it is filled with architecture, people and food. I had previously never wanted to travel to India, it wasn’t a place I want interested in. It seemed stereotypical and somewhere you go and meander through for months at a time. But what you very quickly… View Post