Shanghai – Day 1

After a rest our Shanghai journey began. Our hotel was located close to the Yuyuan Gardens so we wandered down through some interesting shopping streets and into the Yuyuan Gardens area. It’s a warren of streets with restaurants and shops, a little on the touristy side but interesting nonetheless. We walked around absorbing the atmosphere, its was packed and I mean PACKED with tourists. We fought our way across the stone bridge across the lake/pond thing taking in the sights as… View Post

Departing for Shanghai China – Day 1

China day 1 began with a drive to the airport (about 2 hour drive) which went without too many hitches, left the car with Purple Parking, passed quickly through check in (as had checked in online), security and were in the departures lounge before we knew it. Time for some breakfast and a quick browse round the shops before we had killed the 3 hour wait and were off to the departure gate. This was the first time we had… View Post

…And we’re home!!

We are back from our epic trip round China! It was a short trip but we packed it with lots and lots of sights and experiences! There will be tons of posts to come about everything we got up to along with some reviews of our “kit” and some of the hotels we stayed at. I had every intention of getting a post out pre-trip about what we were taking but ran out of time so it will be a… View Post

Today is the day!

So, today is the day we fly half way around the world to Shanghai in China. Something I have been waiting to do for about a year now so I am very excited! I was trying hard to get some posts up on what we are packing and taking with us but time has escaped me with work and packing etc so I apologise for that. Check back when we are home for a run down of what we took,… View Post

Looking Forward

Looking forward to China So a bit quiet on the travelling front a the moment, not much to fill in the time between now and the end of October so I thought I would give a quick run down of our plans for our 2 week trip. The trip to China came about after I travelled there on a college trip to Beijing, I feel in love with the atmosphere of the place, so different to anywhere I have been… View Post