The Great Wall of China

After our wonderful time in Beijing it was time for our most highly anticipated day – a trip to The Great Wall of China. We went with a tour guide from Great Wall Hikes who was wonderful. We went to an un-restored section Jiankou to Mutianyu which is a restored section. It was an amazing hike, hard hard work but so totally worth it. Its the highlight of our time in China and my highlight of 2015. The only way… View Post

Beijing Night Market

After our action packed day in Beijing we went to meet a family friend for dinner. Stuart hadn’t seen him for 7 or so years after he came on a sort of exchange trip from the UK so we were looking forward to it. We headed to a well known Peking duck restaurant (I believe it was Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant.) We were treated to a wonderful dinner of duck, vegetables, more duck and some chilli beef. The meal was… View Post

Beijing – Day 2

Catch up with the previous post – Beijing – Day 1 Firstly let me apologise for the huge delay between the last post and this one. It’s been a pretty manic since we came back from China. I was adjusting to a slightly different job role and the run up to Christmas. I just didn’t get the time to sit down and finish off the posts. But, here we go for Beijing day 2! I will start by saying this… View Post

Beijing – Day 1

After our short stay in Shanghai it was time to move on for our next adventure. We had an early start (6:30am!) before taking a taxi to the train station to catch the 8am high speed train to Beijing. Our experiences of trains in China were pretty good overall and I was amazed by their efficiency. We queued for a short while before joining the madness that is Chinese queuing to make our way down to the platform. We found… View Post

Shanghai – Day 2

Check out our first day in Shanghai.    On to day 2. After a quick breakfast in the hotel it was off to the bus stop again, after picking the green line and helping some German tourists with the difference between their leaflet for one company and the fact they were standing at the stop for a different bus company we were on our way to the Jing’an Temple. The Jing’an Temple is a well known temple and has been… View Post