About Us

A Twenty Something Non Backpacker is a blog about the travels of exactly that a twenty something non backpacker. Well two of them to be precise. Basically we are currently in our early mid-twenties but have done everything fairly unconventionally by today’s standards. We got jobs at 16 and 19, we got married at 20 and 21 and we brought at house at 21 and 22. We still hold down full time jobs and running a household made up of two adults and two rabbits. Our travels fit in around our busy “normal” life, by making the most of our days off and saving hard we are hoping to see lots of the world.

Yes we won’t see anywhere near all of the world without quitting our day jobs and jetting off round the world but we are advocates of being able to travel whilst having jobs which tie us down to an office. The biggest benefit of this is that we don’t have to stay in big dormitories, we don’t have to watch the pennies too much while away, we can eat in nice(ish) restaurants and we can take trains rather than dreadfully long bus journeys.

This might not be the best way to see the world but its our way. We both crave hot showers, working toilets and WiFi. We still use backpacks and we still budget but we are certainly not your typical twenty something traveller.

The bug really bit us both when we travelled to Uzbekistan in 2015 but it reality it started back when we were 18 and travelled to Italy. Come 2018 we have found ourselves in some truly amazing countries – most recently Tanzania and Cuba!  

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