About Us

Life with the Loxton’s is a blog about exactly that, life with the Loxton’s! 2020 has meant many things to many people, for us it was a move from “The Non Backpacker” to a blog more about our lives. At almost thirty it’s not unusual for us all to take a slightly different take on life, global pandemics aside!

We met when we were young, were married by 21 and got our first mortgage at 22. Travel is still at the heart of what we love and it certainly isn’t over, there is more to see and more growing to do.

Travel became a priority in our lives (read that as an obsession) in 2015 after an inspiring trip to Uzbekistan. Travel had been in both our lives before but whilst sitting in a bus during a rather bumpy 6 hour trip through the desert it all finally clicked.

We both crave hot showers, working toilets and Wifi and by working a 9-5 it helps us pay for these small luxuries in life. Sure sleeping in 12 bed dormitories and eating super noodles can bring it’s own delights but for us it needs to be a little more comfort orientated.

In 2018 we hit a milestone of visiting 10% of the world together and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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