18 months in Loxton HQ

18 months of a “needs some work” house have passed, have we completed everything we wanted to? No? Are we surprised? No!

Home ownership is wonderful but also a challenge as well, one which requires quite a bit of effort unless you have buckets of money to throw at it. As ever, life does tend to get in the way and we’ve found that this year more than most. I’d love to say it was because we’ve spent a lot of time traveling but in all honesty it’s been a year of pretty all encompassing “day job” work. 

So, what have we done? 

We’ve had some fun redecorating some of the rooms, giving flooring a go and spending a lot of time thinking about hanging some pictures. We managed to hang some shelves in the kitchen to give me some more space for the ever growing herb & spice collection, we missed the harvest of apples again (they all fell while we were in Edinburgh) and unlike most of the UK we don’t yet own an air fryer. 

The next big life decision is what to do with our bathroom and how do we dismantle our working from home office given we both spend the majority of the week back in the office. (Thank you 10 minute commute and wish for work/life separation.) Will we ever actually get around to making a decision – who knows! We still haven’t hung the picture frame TV on the wall 12 months after buying it!!

Despite all that we still love where we live and it has been extremely nice to come home to after the few trips we have taken which is exactly what we were looking for.