Introducing the Loxton HQ

Life has changed somewhat in the last 18 months, as it has for pretty much everyone. With our freedoms to travel restricted due to that pesky Covid-19 we found ourselves looking inward and considering if our HQ, our home, was what and where we wanted it to be. Long story short, no it wasn’t and we quickly decided we want to make a change. Both our hearts lie in the small city of Chichester on the south coast of the UK. We grew up not far away and both ended up working right in the centre of town pretty early on. From its high street, to gardens and the beautiful cathedral it really is a stunner.

The moving process as with most things was not simple, took 6 months and generated a heck of a lot of stress. But we did it, and moved in early April 2021. Our little home needs some TLC and some upgrades which will be a process and will test our abilities somewhat! Neither of us are DIY pro’s but YouTube is proving to be incredible useful. Can you get any more millennial then that!

I’m not going to share the ins and outs of what we are doing, this is not a DIY or a home interiors blog but our HQ is now a huge part of who we are and I feel like sharing some of what we are up to. Built in the 1930s (we think) its on a beautiful road with lovely neighbours and importantly has a fab garden and lots of space. The downsides are it all needs redecorating, new kitchen and a new bathroom. Being food people and coming from a home with an amazing kitchen its been an adjustment. Hey who doesn’t love harvest scenes on the back splash!?

So here is to celebrating a change of pace and a change to where we base ourselves. I can’t wait to get home to this space after a trip or two! 🙂