Welcome to 2021 with The Loxton’s!

Hello? Are you still there? We are still here although wiping the dust of this blog and figuring out a new way forward. As everyone knows 2020 threw a curve ball and to be honest since the middle of 2019 it’s all been a bit full on over here with the Loxton’s. Do you like our new name? We’re trying it out. Travel is and will always be important to us but it’s not all of us. The plan is to go back to basics and fall in love with blogging again. It all got a bit much, there is a lot of pressure in the travel-sphere to turn your blog into an income and go to all these places and be all these things. And it’s not me. It’s not us and it’s not what I wanted.

So, here goes, lets see what happens. I’ve got plenty to catch you up on over the last 18 months AND a few amazing trips we took before the radio silence. That’s before we even think about what is to come from 2021. We are waiting to complete on our next house purchase taking us from a three bed new build to a four bed project house so that will be a challenge for two novice DIY-ers and are desperate to hit the road on some more trips. Let’s see how it goes!

What have we been up to since the summer of 2019? Well…

We spent a lot of time prepping for one incredible trip to Chile! We spent 3 weeks travelling to Santiago-de-Chile, Easter Island and Patagonia where we spent Christmas 2019.


After some recovery time we headed to London to visit the Tutankhamun exhibition, explore some markets, celebrate Chinese New Year and Burn’s Night!


Then, as the world starting to get turned upside down we managed one final outing to a local vineyard for an evening of eating and drinking.


From then on we began to adjust to life under lockdown, life with a global pandemic, and a life that was completely different from anything we had ever known before. We adjusted to working from home, lack of freedoms and an invisible enemy. It was tough but we made it work, we spent lots of time in our garden and outside in the local area where we were able to, we took an online wine course and even made it to a outdoor evening of Shakespeare. Oh…and we sold our house!

We were also incredibly lucky to be able to head to Wales for a week in late August….

…and Rome in October.

After this we headed into the UK’s second, and now third national lockdown. And, finally, that brings us to now.

So welcome to 2021, welcome to this slightly changed blog and welcome to life with the Loxton’s!