Kicking off The Summer of Sussex

2019 marks the first year that we have not had a mid-summer trip in a really long time. 2015 saw us head to Budapest, 2016 was spent in Canada, 2017 was back to Budapest and Siofok plus Geneva and 2018 saw us head to Ireland. It is safe to say the summer is to be spent wandering. 

But, not this year. 

Our plans to head to Chile in December have eaten up a lot of our annual leave which has left us scrimping and saving the rest of the year. We’re aiming to head to Wales for a week in August but that was not enough to see me through the long summer. So, Stuart dreamt up what we are calling ‘The Summer of Sussex’. 

We live in an area of the UK that has so much to offer yet we often overlook it for trips abroad or further afield in the UK. We’ve decided to try and see some more of the sights over the next couple of months! 

We live not far from Chichester in West Sussex which is right on the western edge of Sussex so our plans are to travel north and east to see if we can find and enjoy some of the sights of our home county! 

We’ve already ticked off one – Fishbourne Roman Palace, with another coming this weekend! Check back soon to see what we got up to!