Trinidad stole my heart – what to eat & drink


As I mentioned in post about what to do while you’re in Trinidad, it stole my heart. I still think about spending time there now and it was 100% my favourite place in Cuba.

So, you know how to spend your time there but what to do when you fancy stopping for some food and drink?

Small disclaimer – I am rubbish at taking photos food and drink and I am not a food blogger so you’ll have to take my word on some things – or go and visit yourself!!!

Where to eat

Trinidad has its fair share of restaurants, some of our favourites were Giroud, Los Conspiradores, La Redaccion and Taberna El Barracon.


If you’re looking for some pizza or Italian food then head to Giroud. Great little place with interesting interiors and hanging tables. The menu is written on a blackboard on one wall and they quite often have live music.


We opted for a couple of pizzas while we were there, they were pretty good (obviously not Italian standard) but the cocktails left much to be desired.

Los Conspiradores

A beautiful restaurant located on the corner of Plaza Mayor and the steps it has a small balcony that you can watch the sunset from. We ate their twice and each time we sat in the small courtyard at ground level, surrounded by flowers and trees it was pretty and you could listen to the music drifting over from the House of Music.

They had a huge range of food and a lot of seafood, by this point I was craving some familiar flavours so opted for their spaghetti bolognese and it was AWESOME! I tell you what those Cubans know how to cook a spag bol! Plus the cheese was immense!


Taberna El Barracon

Again, we ate here twice during our stay. Once with our guide on our sugar mill tour and once on our own for lunch. Both times the food was great, some of the best chicken I’ve eaten. We ate on the rooftop which again sometimes has live music. It is a place where tour groups are taken for lunch but it had a nice atmosphere.

Opt for the chicken and make sure you get the black bean soup – super yummy!

La Redaccion

Cuba isn’t renowned for catering to vegetarians but we found a fab place that does cater quite nicely. We opted for burgers one night – large, dense and tasty and a variety of dishes for lunch on our last day. Deep fried aubergine is a must. We ordered 2 plates. The cocktails were great here too!

One of the biggest draws of La Redaccion, other than the veggie friendly food, is the interior. As a paladar you’re basically eating in someone’s front room, albeit a grand one. High ceilings, interesting decoration, the world’s BIGGEST bathroom and placemats made from old newspaper clippings.


We’ve covered where to eat but what about if you fancy a drink or some coffee?

Where to drink

La Chanchanchara

Trinidad is known for its drink Chanchanchara, a rum, honey, lemon and ice concoction. Invented by guerilla fighters during the 10 year War of Cuban independence it is considered to be Cuba’s oldest known cocktail.

La Chanchanchara is a cute outside bar with many benches to sit on and stare at the sky. Local musicians often frequent the bar too. The drink is served in a special clay cup with a stick to swirl the honey round. The more you swirl the more honey is mixed into the drink. It is potent but just what you need on a hot summer’s day.


Cafe Fortuna

A very instagrammable place with a bath and a sewing machine as the seats with money pinned all over the walls and ceilings. The majority are US dollars but you can see currencies from all over the world. It’s a great place for cocktails but is very small so we opted to go during the day for some refresco nacionales (e.g. own brand fanta.)


Plaza Mayor

All around Plaza Mayor there are small bars that have been opened in people’s houses with windows onto the square. It pays to try a few as they aren’t all created equal. We opted for a small place, second in the from left where a ‘Grandma’ makes the cocktails. And boy did she make a good Mojito.

Once you have your drink you can relax on the steps in the sunshine and watch the world go by. We visited the same place a few times, to the point they recognised us actually!! Seems to be a theme of Mojito bars!


On the steps you’ll also find a couple of bars on the way up to the House of Music. Obviously I will recommend the first one you come across as that’s where our buddy Haveier worked.

Cafe Don Pepe

On a recommendation from our casa owner this is the place to go for coffee. Hot coffee and more importantly cold coffee – Bon Bon Frio to be specific. Honestly they are amazing. Made from coffee and condensed milk they go down a treat. I drank plenty while I was there and have missed them ever since.

The hot coffee options are limited but the cold ones are extensive. Most of them come with some form of alcohol, mainly rum. They also serve some food, we went for breakfast on a couple of days for the world’s sweetest toast and honey.



The cafe itself is set in a small courtyard with a giant tree in the centre. Benches and tables lay around and you can perch wherever you can find space. It’s hot yet cool in the shade. Bring a book and while away an afternoon.



With all the adventures and obvious indulging we did you can see why Trinidad was a highlight. If you visited make sure you check these places out for some Cuban culture, some good food and some amazing drinks – you won’t regret it!!