2017 Review – What a year it was!


We did a lot in 2017 and boy can I feel it now. It’s probably the first year I haven’t got frustrated about where we are going next or have time for the wanderlust bug to really hit as there was always something around the corner. Which I appreciate makes us very very lucky!! I’ve still got some content to come around our amazing safari in Tanzania as well! 

It’s been hard to narrow down our favourites of this year but after much deliberation I’ve managed it!

2017 Top Experiences:


Seeing Northern Lights – This was one of the most spectacular things we did this year, the aurora is incredible. We prayed and hoped that we would get to witness them, especially after our failed attempt in Iceland. Standing out in the cold was well worth it!


Proper Snow – This was the first time I had been away where there was actual proper snow, not the slushy stuff we get on the South coast of England. I had always hated snow but guess what! It was awesome.


Lake District

Down time – It’s always good when you lead a fairly packed life to have some down time. The Lake District certainly provided us with this, time spent in front of the fire with board games, books and afternoons in the pub!

Beautiful English countryside – I always forget how beautiful the UK countryside is until I’m there. Need I say more?



Hot springs in Budapest – I could never get bored of Budapest’s history and it’s hot springs! We’ve visited 2 different hot springs now and I can’t wait to go back and visit more. Although next time I’m aiming for snow!


Lake Balaton – Central Europe’s largest lake was an utter surprise to me. It was beautiful, warm and huge! The best thing about it is that it’s really shallow so you can walk out for ages and ages without getting out your depth. Next time I need a relaxing beach break I’m heading there!



Having a trip planned for you – I did next to no planning for this trip apart from booking the flight and requesting 1 visit to a church. The rest was planned by my wonderful sister-in-law. It involved visiting CERN, drinks by Lake Geneva and walks in the Alps.



Wasen – Beer, beer and more beer? Need I say more?



Animals – We couldn’t go on a safari and not mention the animals! I was overjoyed to see elephants, giraffes, flamingos and lions!

Tented camp – Our two nights at the tented camp in the Serengeti were amazing! I can’t wait to write about this soon and share our experience. If you do go on a safari make sure you spend at least 1 night under canvas!


Round Up:

  • 6 Countries Visited (excluding England)
  • 3 brand new countries (Sweden, Switzerland and Tanzania)
  • Over 7000 photos taken between us (approx)
  • 6.5 books read (much better than last year. I’m aiming for 12 next year!)
  • 43.5 hours spent flying
  • 45 blog posts
  • 160 Instagram photos (2790 likes!)

Last year I did a #bestnine2016, here is my #bestnine2017:

amyisabella12 2017

  1. Lake District, UK
  2. OS Map of the Lake District, UK
  3. Shakhrisabz, Uzbekistan
  4. Yurt, Uzbekistan
  5. Ice swimming, Sweden
  6. Parliament Square in Budapest, Hungary
  7. Sloth at London Zoo, UK
  8. Wing mirror of Wally, Canada
  9. Thought of the day, Iceland


Favourites & Not so Favourites:

Favourite Photo: 

Okay, so I couldn’t pick just 1 this year. A giraffe in the Serengeti and a selfie from Wasen.


Favourite Moment: We can’t pick just one, so we picked two, seeing the Northern Lights in Sweden and the amazing wildlife in Tanzania.

Favourite Country: At a push it has to be Tanzania, purely for the experiences we had there.

Not so Favourites:

The flight back from Tanzania was painfully long, overnight and pretty uncomfortable. Plus the anti-malaria tablets didn’t make me feel great.

Not having enough time in some of our favourite places, I’m looking at you Tanzania and Sweden.

The freezing cold weather at Silverstone. Didn’t really dampen the mood though!


What to look forward to in 2018…

So far we have 1 big booked trip that’s in the process of being planned – Cuba!!! We’re also heading off to Brussels in Belgium as a Christmas present for the husband in February.

We may also have a few others in the pipeline – Ireland, Wales and Germany. Although I’m also looking at going away for Christmas 2018 but that’s budget dependent.

I do try and create some resolutions for the next year, not that I generally hold myself to them too much! This time round I’m hoping to read more (12 books hopefully), drink more water, exercise more (read that as do some!!) and continue to see and understand as much of the world as I can!!

What are you looking forward to in 2018!?