Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

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Other than a work out at Wasen our weekend in Stuttgart was filled with a museum, a squash festival and a walk around the town.

First up was the Mercedes Benz Museum. Stuttgart is home to two car giants, Mercedes and Porsche, both have museums in the city but we opted for Mercedes as it was closer to the beer festival site.


Carl Benz’s first car built in 1886 is what the museum is celebrating with more than 160 vehicles on display. They range from some of the oldest built cars to new futuristic ones. There was a good supply of buses, trucks, cars and F1 cars to keep everyone happy.

The building itself is on several floors, you get a lift up to the top floor and work your way down. The floors showcase the cars along with information about them. You can walk around them and take photos – but no touching!!


It takes a good couple of hours to make your way down properly, we didn’t really ALL the signs but it still took us a little while. There is a cafe and lockers should you want to leave your bags or grab a bite to eat.

If you’re a car lover – especially a Mercedes fan – then you will find the whole museum interesting and full of beautiful cars. If you aren’t so much of a car fan then there is topical information as you go around about what was happening in the world at the time the cars were created.



It’s not all about the cars!


Would I recommend it to people with no interest in cars, probably not. It’s quite a big museum for someone who has no intention of looking at cars. Likewise families with very young children might find they get a little bored.


That colour!!! <3


All dressed up for Wasen!


We thoroughly enjoyed the museum, it had history, things to look at and technology to look forward to.

Check back soon for more on our Stuttgart mini-break!!

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