A weekend in the mountains

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For the French part of our weekend adventure we caught an Easy Bus from Geneva airport to Morzine in the French alps for a couple of days of fresh mountain air.

The drive was about an hour and a half with lots of twisty roads up into the mountains which made for some good window watching.

Morzine is a small village that revolves around skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. It’s a cute place but does feel like it was a home base for many native english speakers. I don’t have a problem with that, especially as we were a party of 3 english people, but I like my adventures to include at least some of the local lingo.


Nethertheless we had a great time. On our first day we caught a cable car up to a mountain and spent the rest of the afternoon walking through the countryside with some wonderful views for company. We walked a fair old way but with the promise of a cider at a cute cafe at the top I managed!


As we made our way down we saw a poster for a yodelling competition but we just couldn’t locate it – nor could we hear it – which was a shame because that would have been great to hear! There had been a cycling tour in town so there were lots of men in Lycra around but it made for a nice atmosphere.

That evening we dined at a local vegan friendly cafe, Satellite Coffee, and had a few drinks before turning in for the night. We stayed at the Hideout Hostel which was clean, modern and overall pretty good value for money. We had a 3 person dorm room with a private bathroom on the top floor which was perfect for our mini break.


The next day we had breakfast and headed off for a walk to a “nearby” lake. My sister-in-law and my ideas of a short walk are not the same! But then if I never pushed myself out of my comfort zone I wouldn’t get to experience half the things I do.


The lake we headed for was Lac de Montriond and it was beautiful. The walk there was peaceful but up hill. We chatted and I ate jelly babies along the way. When we got there was walked around the lake stopping to take pictures as we went before heading back to Morzine. It was an 11 mile round trip but worth it – as you can see from the pictures!


Our flight was later that afternoon so we took the bus back to the airport and started our journey home. Geneva is so quick to get to by plane from London it is a little crazy.


We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend break, the sights of Geneva, the fresh air of the mountains and spending time with Victoria. I hope we will get the chance to head back soon!!