Wishing your life away 9-5 – sort of not a resolution

After rounding up 2016 I began to think forwards to this year (as everyone on the internet does) and found myself pondering over some finer points – here is my sort of not resolution for 2017!

I quite often find myself in a horrible cycle of spending my weeks wishing they would hurry up so that the weekend could come and we could do something fun. In reality, the weekends aren’t always fun and your life is predominantly made up of 9 to 5s. Maybe we should all spend less time wishing our lives away and more time living in the here and now. Just a thought!

I remember having this conversation with myself at the beginning of 2016 but I find myself a year down the line wondering where has the time gone and what have I done with all my non-holiday time!? Even 10 days into a new year I’ve spent a whole weekend doing nothing and effectively wasting it. Now I’m not saying that everyone should always be on the go all the time and sometimes a day in your PJs on the sofa with a tub of pringles is just what’s in order but I want to make that unusual and not the norm.


I don’t really make new year’s resolutions as generally I don’t stick to them but I want to make a conscious effort to do more and experience more. I’m not talking jetting off every weekend to far flung places but just getting out, seeing the countryside, going for coffee, walking along the beach. Anything!! It doesn’t have to cost or take very long but I think for general wellbeing along with not wanting to waste your life it’s worth doing!

It doesn’t even just apply to the weekends either!! There are (for me) 5 other days in the week! Yes, the majority is spent caught up in adult working home life but even just taking an hour or half an hour to do something un-regular and enjoyable can help stop that feeling of dread come Monday morning. I’m hoping to fit in some more crafting and cooking this year along with my need to read up on far away countries and plan trips (hypothetically or realistically) to new places. I might even read a few books!


So, here is to 2017, hopefully filled with new experiences, quality time and adventure!!