2016 Review and looking forward

2016 has been a funny year, filled with ups and downs – mainly ups might I add. It also was the year I started to try and get to grips with Instagram. Anyway, I saw a hashtag for #2016bestnine i.e. pictures of your top 9 things of the year.

As it does tie in so well with this blog I thought I would share here too. The pictures aren’t in any kind of order.

2016 Top 9:

  1. River Cottage Experience – a full day experience at one of our favourite places, cooking bread, pasta, biscuits, learning about the gardens and getting to eat a wonderful meal. A bucket list item ticked off!
  2. Iceland – waterfalls – Iceland in general was amazing with its crazy landscape and even crazier weather. My favourite thing about the country was the amazing waterfalls! Even if I did end up with a wet shoe!
  3. Scotland – technology detox – I didn’t post about our time in Scotland (not yet anyway) as most of the time we spent without access to signal or wifi and just enjoyed each others company! Highly recommend!
  4. Scotland – walks and learning to love the countryside – Our year of getting back to nature was kicked off with the amazing Scottish Highlands
  5. Spirit Island – Canada – point’s 5 and 6 are bundled together really in a fantastic road trip to a fantastic part of Canada. Bears, hot springs, lakes and so much more!
  6. Whistler Mountain – Canada – as above!
  7. Christmas Selfie with the husband
  8. West Witterings beach at sunset
  9. Preserving – another one of my hobbies, helped along by point 1!


Round Up:

  • 4 Countries Visited (excluding England but including Scotland)
  • 2 brand new countries (Iceland and Canada, we had both independently been to Germany and Scotland previously.)
  • 4119 photo’s taken between us (approx)
  • 2 books read (much lower than last year – must improve!)
  • 29 hours spent flying plus overnight train to Scotland

Favourites & Not so Favourites:

Favourite Photo: Peyto Lake – Canada


Favourite Moment: Not a moment per se but spending time together in the outdoors, driving place to place with our life in the back of a camper van, cooking outside and falling in love with the Canadian countryside! A great way to celebrate 3 years of marriage and 10 years as a couple!

Favourite Country: Canada (obvious when you read the above point!)

Not so Favourites:

Not being able to keep up with posting on here, I got very slack. Hoping to improve this in 2017!

What to look forward to in 2017…

Well, so far we have 3 arranged trips with 2 others in the pipeline.

Sweden – Northern Lights tour with some family, booked for end of January

Lake District, UK – Short weekend break over the Easter weekend for more lakes and mountains! April

British F1, Silverstone – As one of us is a massive F1 fan it seemed only fitting to celebrate his 25th birthday with the home GP! July

Where else would we like to go, Tanzania is top of the list for a once in a lifetime Safari. We are also looking at a trip to Armenia and Switzerland!