Vik and those famous black sand beaches

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Having spent a couple of awesome days in Reykjavik, the Golden Circle and Southern Iceland our last day in Iceland was mainly made up of driving from Vik back to the airport, which wasn’t really a hardship as the scenery was awesome which made it even more enjoyable.

Vik has a small church on a hill above the town so we took a quick drive up to have a closer look. The sun was really low in the sky and the wind was blowing so it was pretty atmospheric.


We then headed for the black sand beach – it’s a pretty awesome site being able to stand on a beach that has black sand, all because of the volcano’s! The strong winds of the day before had continued and it was almost difficult to stand up!

The drive down was wonderful, we passed through a small village which had its own map. It appears in Iceland each small town or hamlet has it’s own sign showing where everyone lives, churches, post offices etc. Pretty cool!


When we got down to the beach it was stunning, the sand was super black and the wind was creating HUGE waves. We probably spent a good half an hour wandering around, taking pictures and enjoying the views. On a less windy and cold day I could have spent hours there and would have loved to have taken a walk further along the beach.



When the weather finally got the better of us we headed back to the car and started on the road back to the airport. Iceland’s main roads are great to drive along, smooth, easy to navigate which meant I could enjoy the views a bit more! We took a scenic route through countryside and lava fields but didn’t take too many pictures as we were enjoying the views and chilling out after a crazy few days.


Iceland is an amazing country – and yes I can say that after only 4 days – I could have done with three times the amount of time and would really love to drive the whole ring road at some point. If you like scenery and amazing vistas then head to Iceland. October is a good time to go (it is cold) as there are less tourists and the days are still normal length. Equally winter for the northern lights and snow or summer for 24 hours of sunlight would be just as awesome!

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