Patricia and Pyramid Lakes

Today was our anniversary, what better way to celebrate three years of marriage then chilling out by some lakes and just taking the time to be with each other. Sounds cheesey I know but sometimes you just have to not do a lot to appreciate how special that side kick is. It was also the first night in 10 that we would be sleeping in a proper bed!! (This also meant that our camping days were done as it was hotel beds from here on.)

The drive from the campground to the lakes wasn’t long and we left fairly early to guarantee less people at the lakes. We were staying at Pyramid Lake but stopped off at Patricia Lake on the way. It’s a wonderful mirror lake – we were luckily as when we drove past it later on it was windy so not as glass like.

Stuart told me a story about an experiment during WWII to build an aircraft carrier out of ice…apparently the remains of this are at the bottom of the lake!

We carried onto Pyramid Lake which was a much bigger lake in an equally stunning setting. We were too early to check into our lakeside hotel so parked up the van (much to everyone’s amusement) and decided to rent a canoe. Half of the reason for this trip was to sing Pocahontas song’s whilst canoeing on lake. Ticked that one off the list!

We spent an hour attempting to paddle around the lake, my lack of being able to let go of time restraints meant we didn’t go as far into the lake as we could have but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Once back on dry land we walked to the small island attached to the lake via bridge. The first picnic shelter on this island was built in 1933 as is a heritage building. Apparently the island fell into disrepair for a while as so many people visited, with no set paths and no maintenance. It’s now been restored to the island it should be. It was such a chilled place to be. We bought “grown up” lunchables (these if you weren’t a kid of the 90s) and ate the on the lakeside. A perfect way to spend our anniversary.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing in our hotel room and enjoying the view. We had a wonderful dinner in the hotel restaurant and drank far too much wine.

The rest was needed for the next day….11 hours of driving back to Vancouver. The end to our time in the rockies had arrived and it was a little sad. The landscape is too beautiful for words, the atmosphere is chilled and the people friendly. The food and drink was tasty and well worth the tips!