London to Vancouver


17:15 London Heathrow, UK to Vancouver, Canada.

9 hours. A380. Top floor. Business baby!

The benefit to working hard, paying for everything on an airmiles credit card and storing up are airmiles allowed us to benefit from a (probably once in a lifetime) flight in Business Class. This meant dedicated check in desk, security at Heathrow, airport lounge, real plates on the plane and a selection of champagne!!!


Kia Royal, travel mag and some nuts. Perfect. 



Not to mention the fully reclining lay flat chairs!


Sitting in my chair. Not quite sure how you get a lie flat selfie 😉 

It did make my flight experience a heck of a lot better than normal and it does set a target for future flights. Although I highly doubt we will flying up front very often!!!

The flight was overnight UK time however we arrived early evening Canada time, luckily neither of us slept much so once we have negotiated passport control, immigration, baggage reclaim and the taxi to the airport we pretty much fell asleep and woke up around 4am the next day. We dozed and lazed about for a few hours before getting up and heading out for breakfast.

Our hotel had the day before had a fire in their restaurant so we had to find breakfast, we took a good recommendation from the hotel receptionist and headed to the Twisted Fork. They had the BEST breakfast we had in Canada. Small, intimate, packed and stunning food. What more could you want at 8am!?

We both opted for Eggs Benny and it certainly filled us up for a good portion of the day!


Just pure yum. 

Our next stop was Wicked Campers to pick up our van which was to be transport/home for the next 12 days! We were prepared for a crazy paint job but did come out with one of the ruder ones!!


Nonetheless Wally as he was named was amazing. Fun to drive, packed with the essentials we needed and comfortable. I must admit getting used to driving Wally was an experience, I’m used to a right hand drive manual car not a left hand drive automatic! Luckily going that way is easier than I imagine going from automatic to manual is!!!


We stocked up in Walmart and headed out on the road!