Looking forward to 2016

I have finally caught up with my posts from our amazing trips in 2015 – from Uzbekistan to Budapest and China. I will be doing a recap post of the whole year with my highs and lows but thought I would start with what we are planning to do this year. (Eeekkk)

My new year’s resolution for 2015 was to do more things – which I certainly achieved from Gin Festivals to camping trips. For 2016 its again to do more things…but this time outside!! So a year full of the great outdoors and some awesome nature.

Our BIG trip of the year is to Canada! A vast country which we couldn’t possibly do everything in the time we have (despite trying to fit in east and west Canada.)

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Our plans so far are to fly into Vancouver and drive to the national parks Banff and Jasper. We will also be hitting up some of the smaller parks too in a small campervan before heading back to Vancouver. It will be an experience different from what we are used to. Much more outside and much less tourist sites.

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Canada is somewhere we have both wanted to go for a very long time.We will be there over our wedding anniversary and our 10 year together-versary too so it will be a special one.

Canada is booked for the end of May but before that we have a week in the Scottish highlands based in Fort Augustus, the gateway to Loch Ness. We needed a switch off week with minimal activities or travelling to recharge our tired batteries.

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We won’t be up to too much but I’m sure some nessie spotting and mountain views will be on the books (although the to-do list is getting longer by the day). Along with our first experience of a sleeper train.

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Our only other confirmed trip is to the awe inspiring Iceland. Friends of ours will be joining us on the trip which will be a 4 day break over my birthday in October. We are hoping for waterfalls, horses, thermal pools and hopefully some Northern Lights.

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That might sound like a lot of trips to some people (and boy it’s taking a lot of hard work and saving) but this is why we choose to work and travel when we can, we have no worries about missing out on activities we want to do due to a tight budget.

We are hoping for a couple of UK weekend breaks along with ticking some exciting items off our bucket list!


Roll on 2016!