Tang Dynasty Show and Dumpling Banquet

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Xi’an is relaxed. No matter how much you try and squeeze in it still feels relaxed. We managed to have a rest after our day with the warriors before we headed back out into Xi’an night life to experience the Tang Dynasty Show and Dumpling dinner. Touristy yes but it was also so much fun.

Please excuse my lack of pictures of actual dumpling. I need to work on this food picture thing!

We had a couple of cocktails in the hotel bar before we were picked up, it was a short drive to the venue which was packed with many many groups of tourists. We were shown to a lovely table with a good view of the stage and waited for the food to come!

Pina Colada and a Margarita

Pina Colada and a Margarita

We were treated to 16 different types of dumplings from what I can remember, ranging from fried to boiled, with the majority being steamed.



They came in different shapes and sizes along with some Chinese “sides”. The biggest revelation however was Snow beer. It was cheap. Very cheap. In hindsight we wished we had ordered more at once as we were unaware during the show we wouldn’t be able to order any additional drinks.

Dinner :)

Dinner 🙂

Snow Beer - yummy

Snow Beer – yummy

Too much snow beer?

Too much snow beer?

Anyway, we filled ourselves with as many dumpling as we could and then it was time for the show. It was a mixture of acrobatics, dance and music. Each act was different and the performers were very impressive. It did look as though some of them were young which just added to the impressiveness of the show.

I’m not 100% sure on what the overall story was if there was one but it was enjoyable all the same.

Once the show had finished we were driven back to our hotel for a well earned rest!


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