Looking Forward

Looking forward to China

Me at the Forbidden Palace 2011

Me at the Forbidden Palace 2011

So a bit quiet on the travelling front a the moment, not much to fill in the time between now and the end of October so I thought I would give a quick run down of our plans for our 2 week trip.

The trip to China came about after I travelled there on a college trip to Beijing, I feel in love with the atmosphere of the place, so different to anywhere I have been before I really hope I can get that feeling second time around.

So, on our 12 day trip we are taking in 4 cities (I know it’s a lot) and many sites! We don’t really do things by halves so try to squeeze as much in as possible – you never know when you might be back.

Shanghai – this is our first stop. It also happens to be the only place we don’t really have anything planned for. I am hoping it will be easy enough to find out way around and see some of the sights. I am hoping we will get a taste of old and new Shanghai and fit in a river trip.

Beijing – after a high speed train to Beijing we are planning on hitting up some of the sights I saw on my last trip, The Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and hopefully a quick glimpse of the Olympic parks. We have a lovely guide booked to show us round.

Temple of Heaven 2011

Temple of Heaven 2011

Summer Palace 2011

Summer Palace 2011

The Great Wall – when I last visited Beijing we headed out to a restored section which was beautiful. It was a hard slog up the steps to the top but the view was totally worth it. This time round I wanted to go a bit more “wild” so we opted for a trek from an unrestored section to a restored section. I am very excited about doing this and almost can’t wait!

The Great Wall of China 2011

The Great Wall of China 2011

Xian – after another high speed train ride we are heading over to Xian. We are going on a city tour and visiting the Terracotta Warriors. Again another really exciting city with wonderful area’s and food, I am hoping we have enough time to get a feel for the city as we aren’t there for long.

Chengdu – our last stop on the trip is Chengdu. Mainly for the Panda’s – how can you go to China and not see Panda’s! I am looking forward to seeing their conservation efforts and the breeding programs. It will hopefully be a highlight.

Forbidden Palace 2011

Forbidden Palace 2011

So that’s a basic run-down of the trip – anything we have missed?

Can you recommend anywhere to go in Shanghai? Any top places to eat in any of the cities? 


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